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There's something for everyone in Spain! In this sense, Spain is one of the hot spots among golf destinations.

There are few destinations that offer the privilege of playing on qualified golf courses at the same time, with the possibility of a professional stay for you to have a perfect golf holiday in Europe.  Here, Spain is on the list of the most well-known among these destinations. Spain was named by The Golf Magazine as the best golf destination after Scotland and Ireland.

Spain is known as the center of golf on the European continent. Because Severe Ballesteros has released professional golfers like Miguel Angel Jimenez and Sergio Garcia. Don't be too late to have a superior golfing experience on prestigious fields. For example, if you are planning a winter holiday, have an unforgettable golfing experience under a warm Mediterranean climate in the south of Spain.

Who wouldn't want to have a year-round golf holiday with sunshine, unique shorelines, a rich national culture and fun activities? For this reason, golf courses in Spain are among the best in the world, while providing an unforgettable experience for golfers.

With hundreds of luxury hotels and resorts, unrivalled golf courses, and one of Spain's top golf destinations, do you need to look elsewhere? Choose the one that best suits your needs from our best accommodation and golf course experiences in Spain, such as Costa Brava, Alicante, Costa del Sol, Costa De La Luz, Mallorca, Teneriffa, Gran Canaria, Murcia, Cadiz, Barcelona for an unforgettable golf holiday - don't miss out on opportunities.

Don't hesitate to call us if you are unsure about getting the golf holiday package that suits you best among the dozens of destinations. Be sure to find the most suitable Spain golf holiday package according to your requirements.


Alicante / SPAIN

Alicante is a vibrant golf destination located on Spain's south-eastern coastline, in the Costa Blanca region. The golf courses and resorts in this region are also unrivalled and undoubtedly some of the best in Spain. In addition to its popularity, it also attracts with its proximity to Alicante Airport, located on the outskirts of the city. British golfers can fly to Spain and find themselves on the golf course in the afternoon to begin an unforgettable golf vacation in Alicante.

The golf courses in the Alicante destination are well known throughout Europe and offer great appeal to golfers traveling there. Good weather, extensive hotels, and outstanding golf courses are just some of the reasons golfers choose Alicante year-round.

Alicante, one of Spain's most well-known cities, is also a great centre for entertainment, nightlife, and gastronomy. Due to its immense popularity, especially among our guests, it is a destination that has it all when it comes to accommodation, whatever your needs, from luxury golf resorts to city hotels. The beaches in Alicante are truly beautiful and always in demand due to its mild climate throughout the year. Known for its kilometers of sandy beaches, Alicante is among the indispensable destinations of thousands of tourists every year. Famous for its excellent weather, the city invites you for a stroll along the coast or on the beautiful island of Tabarca. Along with the port of Alicante, you will find beautiful long streets to take nice relaxing walks and enjoy the palm trees and mild climate.

If you're looking for a place with world-class golf courses during the day and lively nightlife in the evening, Alicante is probably one of the best destinations in Spain for your golf trip. In such a situation, what could be better than playing golf in Alicante? This dynamic city has a lot to offer for golfers and vacationers alike. Challenging golf courses, wonderful tourist attractions, SPA centers, pools, and beautiful tropical gardens are just a few of them.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol / SPAIN

The world-famous Costa del Sol with impressive European Tour venues is a long-standing favorite golf destination. It is one of the best resorts for those looking for bright sunlight and beautiful beaches across Europe, but it is also known to golfers for having one of the best golf courses in the world.
Costa del Sol has the most spectacular coastline in southern Spain, from Malaga to south, through Marbella and through SMaliande. With great courses, accommodations for every budget and great weather throughout the year, there is no better place for a golf break in Spain.
A relaxing and entertaining golf trip awaits your precious guests at the world-famous Costa del Sol, which is sunny almost all day of the year, home to breathtaking beaches and the most delicious meals on the undisputed Andalusian coast. The site remains popular as a unique golf destination, from the vast beauties of beaches to lawns, from many unique settlements to a variety of beautiful landscapes.

Costa del Sol is the type to meet everyone's needs. Whether it's a high-end luxury trip full of famous courses or a relaxing resort with everything in place… on the other hand, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, it's possible to find something for golfer at all levels. In this sense, you should definitely explore the Costa del Sol destination, which is made up of 12 golf courses designed by some of the most famous sports figures, according to world standards: Real Club Valderrama, Finca Corte, La Reserva Golf, Santana Golf, Torrequebrada Golf, La CALA Golf Resort, Marbella Club Golf, Rio Real Golf, Santa Clara Golf, Los Naranjos Golf Club, La Quinta Golf & country Club and Santa Maria. On the other hand, you can also choose from more than 50 other golf courses in Costa del Sol. These are some of the best and most challenging golf courses in Europe.

They have some of the best and most challenging golf courses in Europe.

It is quite possible to stay in extraordinary resort settlements and join fun-filled tours on the Costa del Sol with affordable budgets!



Mallorca is one of Spain's Balear Islands in the Mediterranean and is located just off the eastern coast of Spain. We can describe the destination of Mallorca as the best-kept secret of golf in Europe.
A destination surrounded by the sun, cooling coastal breeze and incredible sea scenery all year round, the golf trip in Mallorca will be a really good choice. The island offers a wide range of world-class golf facilities and hotel facilities for golfers. Therefore, you'll admire Mallorca's natural beauty and enjoy the moments of nightlife when you're sipping your favorite drink.
Mallorca offers 19 of the highest quality golf courses you can choose from. It is also the natural beauty of the island that makes Mallorca special. In the background, you can reach a really breath-taking view, and you can smell the island in your lungs.
There is no better option than Mallorca for a golf trip with beautiful beaches, a natural coastline, delicious local cuisine, and a generous climate. Live nightlife, good bars, and a great destination if you're looking for a lot to see and do. Known for its lively nightlife and lively coastal villages, Mallorca is also famous for its fabulous range of hotels and golf facilities. You can be assured that we will offer a great variety to suit your needs.
Most of the golf courses in Mallorca are considered the secret jewels of the golf world. These golf courses are really one of the best in Spain on the islands and offer a pleasant round of golf. Alcanada Golf, Golf Maioris, Golf de Andratx, Golf Park Puntiró, Pollensa Golf Club, Pula Golf, Golf son Antem East, Golf son Antem West, Golf son Muntaner, Club De Golf son Servera, son Quint Golf, last screw Golf, Real Club de Golf Bendinat, Santa Ponsa, Poniente Golf, Golf de Andratx.
Alcanada Golf Course is located in the area.

If you're planning your current or next golf vacation, Mallorca can undoubtedly be a great option for you. So much so that the Mallorca destination will definitely meet your expectations of how you want your vacation to be; sun, sea, sand and beautiful golf courses… Now, take a look at our Mallorca golf holiday packages to realize the most ideal holiday of your dreams as soon as possible.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava / SPAIN

Overtaking the enormous area north of Barcelona, Costa Brava has become one of Spain's most popular golf destinations in recent years. It is so often preferred by golfers who come to the region with great sandy beaches, warm climate, and lively nightlife.

The rich choice of destination Costa Brava allows all types of golfer to experience an unforgettable and truly enjoyable experience. With stunning accommodation options as well as great layout plans, Costa Brava can be your one and only address for a world-class golf vacation.
Costa Brava has a lot to offer some of Spain's best settlement plans and golfers in this clean and unspoiled area. Costa Brava’s golf courses have really unique designs. On the other hand, the ideal golf climate here points to March and October. It gives you the opportunity to play most of the year, including the summer months for golf. The coastline has a range of gorgeous beaches with golden sand and clear water. As a matter of fact, there are endless facilities in Costa Brava when it comes to accommodation; there are many hotels and resorts each offering a unique and truly enjoyable stay. The area also hosts seven of the top 50 courses on the continent: Emporda Golf, Torremirona Golf Club, Club Golf Peralada, Golf De Pals, Club Golf D'aro – mAs Nou, PGA Catalunya Golf, Club du Golf - Costa Brava
Costa Brava also has a lot to do off-site. The site is home to the town of Girona and the town of Barcelona, which we definitely think will be discovered. The Costa Brava area is also famous for its many good restaurants. From the French border to the historic city of Blanes, 50 km north of Barcelona, the Costa Brava destination is definitely one of the places to explore if you want to combine your golf holiday with unique flavors of wine and gastronomy.



Tenerife, the largest in the Canary Islands, is a highly popular tourist destination. It stands out in its warm climate, gorgeous sunshine, lively towns, and spectacular beaches. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, and although part of Spain, it has a temperate atmosphere throughout the year, due to its location just off the coast of North Africa.
Golf vacations in Tenerife are becoming more and more popular. So many of the options available are the spectacular golf courses on the island and its unparalleled view of beauty, and of course the magic of the sand, sea, and solar trio, so Tenerife is an island that houses the extraordinary climate over the year, spectacular ocean views and stunning natural terrain, and great golf courses.
What makes the area so special is the perfect range of golf for its visitors. Because of the island location, golfers can experience a wide range of different experiences, from beautiful interiors to contemporary waterfront parking spaces. It also deserves the privilege of being Spain's favorite golf destination, thanks to its excellent consistency throughout the year and accommodation options.
The Tenerife destination can also be considered a magical holiday destination outside of golf. It is possible to address the main reasons for this as the sun in the region shines on you most of the year, the region's breath-taking landscapes, and the blue of the ocean.
On the other hand, the culture, excellent food, and first-class accommodation are some of the reasons Tenerife is the most popular in the Canary Islands. So this destination, the most crowded island, is ideally suited to experience life and enjoy a golf holiday.
In Tenerife, blessed with warm blue skies, start exploring our big carefully prepared golf vacation packages to enjoy golf all year round.

Costa De La Luz


Located at the most western point of the Andalusian coastline, Costa de la Luz extends from the historic town of Cadiz to the Portuguese border. We think every golfer should plan a golf trip to Costa de la Luz. Because this destination also has an incredible variety of activities to be carried out outside golf.
Located on the southernmost end of Spain and with some of the best golf courses, Costa de La Luz is a paradise for those who want to enjoy miles of golden sandy beaches and golf courses. Unspoiled beaches, natural landscapes, and historic cities like Cadiz are just a few of the places you can explore in Costa de la Luz. This part of southern Spain is also a great place to visit, not only because of its pure beauty but also because of its year-long golf climate.
It is extremely important to choose the right accommodation for a golf holiday. In this sense, each one is also famous for a wide range of excellent accommodation options, each offering a unique but truly great experience.
Costa de la Luz, a promising golf destination, attracts visitors at the transport point. The airports closest to the Cadiz area are Jerez, Sevilla, and Gibraltar. Malaga airport, on the other hand, is about two hours away.
The western part of the region also has remarkable beauty. The vast sky gives golfers the chance to get away from the crowd and play golf with its enchanting rural and beautiful natural spaces.

The area that stands out with the ability to offer something for everyone and is situated among Spain's best golf destinations is a truly exploring golf paradise. Then start looking at our Costa de la Luz golf holiday packages before you have more time to experience a real golf vacation.



Located in southwest Spain and considered the oldest city in Western Europe, Cadiz will be a great choice for your next golf trip or now. The destination has a truly outstanding architecture, kitchen, nightlife, and many accommodations. It also hosts excellent golf courses and hotels specializing in service.
The historic port town of Cadiz is home to some of Spain's best golf courses. Golfers prefer Cadiz, not only because of its amazing history but because it has some of Spain's oldest and best sites.
Cadiz is a popular destination in Spain with a great atmosphere and great golf options. While the climate of this area is ideal for golf, it is sunny almost every day of the year.

The increase in tourism over the past decade has greatly improved the infrastructure of the Cadiz region. In this sense, golf has now become a major part of tourism in this area. Therefore, Cadiz has succeeded in becoming a popular area for tourists due to its great forts and many travel options.

Cadiz is widely considered a 'golfer dream'. In fact, he quickly accepted himself as an important golf destination in Spain. The golfers who come here are sure to find a range of great golf courses, traditional Spanish culture, beautiful cities, and luxury golf hotels. In addition to playing some of Europe's best golf courses, travelers here enjoy the sun they deserve on one of many stunning beaches.
Start exploring our Cadiz golf vacation packages to get more inspiration about your current or next golf trip to Cadiz. Make sure you get the best value for money and experience the best quality.

Gran Canaria


Home to the first golf course in Spain, built-in 1891, Gran Canaria is another of Spain's Canary Islands, located off the coast of northwest Africa and famous for its volcanic origin. So much so that due to the geographical location and climate of the island, it deserved to be one of the best golf destinations. As a matter of fact, it is a golf paradise with eight magnificent golf courses: Anfi Tauro Golf, Lopesan Meloneras Golf, Maspalomas Golf, Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas, Salobre Golf & Resort- The New Course, Salobre Golf & Resort- The Old Course, El Cortijo Club de Campo, and Las Palmeras. Golf So waste no more time playing on the volcanic lands above the island and next to the bright blue ocean for an unforgettable golf vacation.

Gran Canaria has a golf tradition known for being home to Las Palmas, Spain's oldest golf course. Gran Canaria also boasts the Anfi Tauro, the top-ranked course in the Canary Islands, and Gran Canaria's year-round sunshine has made it an ideal golf destination for winter golf seekers. It is undoubtedly the perfect destination to escape the winter cold and play some of the best golf courses in the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria is among the rare golf destinations that are developing very quickly and are becoming increasingly popular in this sense. Home to luxury golf courses, flamboyant hotels, and breathtaking views, the region offers all the possibilities for a relaxing golf holiday. Therefore, it manages to attract many golfers all year round with its wonderfully mild climate, relaxing atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and cosmopolitan nightlife.

Gran Canaria is also a preferred destination for golfers looking for something different. An extraordinary environment, magnificent beaches, rich culture, delicious cuisine, quality accommodation, desert-like plains, lush forests stretching to the north, and the unmatched beauty of the south coast...

If you are one of the golfers looking for a difference, look no further than the Gran Canaria destination. Choose one of our golf holiday packages and enjoy being different!


Murcia / SPAIN

Murcia has managed to be among the best golf destinations in Europe, especially with the construction of several new sites. With a sunny nearly all year round, Murcia remains one of our most popular destinations in Europe for golf. With its best golf courses, many resorts and many of them want to play on a variety of courses are able to have great options across the region.
With more than 20 golf courses, Murcia stands out as a destination that many golfers from around the world want to explore and, of course, look forward to playing golf for a round of golf under the golden sun.
Murcia County has a relatively small coastline compared to its neighbor, Costa del Sol, but it is one of Spain's most spectacular coastlines. MAR Menor is a geographical wonder and is a charming centre that must be visited in the region. When further inland, it is possible to witness the colorful city center of Murcia and the charming Spanish countryside around it.
No wonder Spain's Murcia region has been growing among golfers recently. The result is one of Spain's best golf destinations, offering golfers all the advantages. As expected from any Spanish golf break, golf vacations in Murcia are often characterized by great weather conditions. With low rain, the area has more than 300 days of sunlight a year. It is a perfect example of a mid-dry Mediterranean climate, warm in the winter and warm in the summer. When planning your current or next golf trip, why not enjoy a relaxing golf experience on the sunny coast of Spain?

Check out our golf vacation packages to get a unique golf experience in Murcia, which extends to the southern-eastern coast of Spain. Play golf and enjoy the sun!


Barcelona is the perfect destination for playing golf and spending an unforgettable time. Barcelona is a great choice for those who want an unforgettable golf holiday, famous worldwide with its stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, energetic atmosphere, and incredible culture.
Barcelona is not only proud of its great golf courses, but it also has the potential to challenge you to choose from rich cultural and historical sites to see. Frankly, both golfers and non-golfers will be happy to take a trip here.
Barcelona has an ideal climate. This means that golf can be played in perfect conditions throughout the year. Barcelona accommodation options combine the ideal nature of being in the heart of the city with the perfect possibilities you would expect from a beach resort. Each hotel provides easy access to the surrounding golf courses and the historic city located at the front of your door. The city is home to truly stunning golf courses, including the famous El Prat, and a range of excellent accommodations and game centers, ideal for a short break. Greg Norman has unique golf courses designed by names like José Maria Olazábal and gladly Ballesteros. The coastline has a range of gorgeous beaches with golden sand and clear waters that make Barcelona so popular among beach lovers. Barcelona Airport is also 20 minutes' walk from the city center.

Barcelona is famous worldwide for its rich variety with art and history, excellent shopping areas, and sandy beaches at every opportunity. It will provide you with something that will definitely keep you busy during your time away from the golf course. As one of the world's leading attractions, you'll have a lot to do here.

Check out our Barcelona golf vacation packages now or for your next golf trip, so you can enjoy a unique golf holiday without wasting any more time!