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Barcelona is the perfect destination for playing golf and spending an unforgettable time. Barcelona is a great choice for those who want an unforgettable golf holiday, famous worldwide with its stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, energetic atmosphere, and incredible culture.
Barcelona is not only proud of its great golf courses, but it also has the potential to challenge you to choose from rich cultural and historical sites to see. Frankly, both golfers and non-golfers will be happy to take a trip here.
Barcelona has an ideal climate. This means that golf can be played in perfect conditions throughout the year. Barcelona accommodation options combine the ideal nature of being in the heart of the city with the perfect possibilities you would expect from a beach resort. Each hotel provides easy access to the surrounding golf courses and the historic city located at the front of your door. The city is home to truly stunning golf courses, including the famous El Prat, and a range of excellent accommodations and game centers, ideal for a short break. Greg Norman has unique golf courses designed by names like José Maria Olazábal and gladly Ballesteros. The coastline has a range of gorgeous beaches with golden sand and clear waters that make Barcelona so popular among beach lovers. Barcelona Airport is also 20 minutes' walk from the city center.

Barcelona is famous worldwide for its rich variety with art and history, excellent shopping areas, and sandy beaches at every opportunity. It will provide you with something that will definitely keep you busy during your time away from the golf course. As one of the world's leading attractions, you'll have a lot to do here.

Check out our Barcelona golf vacation packages now or for your next golf trip, so you can enjoy a unique golf holiday without wasting any more time!