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Murcia / SPAIN

Murcia has managed to be among the best golf destinations in Europe, especially with the construction of several new sites. With a sunny nearly all year round, Murcia remains one of our most popular destinations in Europe for golf. With its best golf courses, many resorts and many of them want to play on a variety of courses are able to have great options across the region.
With more than 20 golf courses, Murcia stands out as a destination that many golfers from around the world want to explore and, of course, look forward to playing golf for a round of golf under the golden sun.
Murcia County has a relatively small coastline compared to its neighbor, Costa del Sol, but it is one of Spain's most spectacular coastlines. MAR Menor is a geographical wonder and is a charming centre that must be visited in the region. When further inland, it is possible to witness the colorful city center of Murcia and the charming Spanish countryside around it.
No wonder Spain's Murcia region has been growing among golfers recently. The result is one of Spain's best golf destinations, offering golfers all the advantages. As expected from any Spanish golf break, golf vacations in Murcia are often characterized by great weather conditions. With low rain, the area has more than 300 days of sunlight a year. It is a perfect example of a mid-dry Mediterranean climate, warm in the winter and warm in the summer. When planning your current or next golf trip, why not enjoy a relaxing golf experience on the sunny coast of Spain?

Check out our golf vacation packages to get a unique golf experience in Murcia, which extends to the southern-eastern coast of Spain. Play golf and enjoy the sun!