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Tenerife, the largest in the Canary Islands, is a highly popular tourist destination. It stands out in its warm climate, gorgeous sunshine, lively towns, and spectacular beaches. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, and although part of Spain, it has a temperate atmosphere throughout the year, due to its location just off the coast of North Africa.
Golf vacations in Tenerife are becoming more and more popular. So many of the options available are the spectacular golf courses on the island and its unparalleled view of beauty, and of course the magic of the sand, sea, and solar trio, so Tenerife is an island that houses the extraordinary climate over the year, spectacular ocean views and stunning natural terrain, and great golf courses.
What makes the area so special is the perfect range of golf for its visitors. Because of the island location, golfers can experience a wide range of different experiences, from beautiful interiors to contemporary waterfront parking spaces. It also deserves the privilege of being Spain's favorite golf destination, thanks to its excellent consistency throughout the year and accommodation options.
The Tenerife destination can also be considered a magical holiday destination outside of golf. It is possible to address the main reasons for this as the sun in the region shines on you most of the year, the region's breath-taking landscapes, and the blue of the ocean.
On the other hand, the culture, excellent food, and first-class accommodation are some of the reasons Tenerife is the most popular in the Canary Islands. So this destination, the most crowded island, is ideally suited to experience life and enjoy a golf holiday.
In Tenerife, blessed with warm blue skies, start exploring our big carefully prepared golf vacation packages to enjoy golf all year round.