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Turkey is among the most popular golf destinations in Europe because it includes excellent facilities, spectacular golf courses and exceptional services. Belek, which can be described as the capital of the golf game in Turkey, undoubtedly has the best golf courses. The superior quality of golf courses is at the heart of the golf success in Turkey.

Located in Serik district of Antalya province of Turkey and famous for its Mediterranean view, Belek region, all hotels have a five-star and all-inclusive concept. The most attractive part of Belek hotels, which dazzle with its lush nature, immaculate air, large pools, unique beaches and peaceful environment, are the huge golf courses they have. As a matter of fact, the largest of these courses is known as Gloria Golf Club, which has 45 holes and ranks first in Turkey and second in Europe. In addition, Montgomerie Maxx Royal Belek and Carya Golf Courses, which are illuminated fields that allow you to continue your golf pleasure after dark, offer you unforgettable experiences. All Inclusive accommodation packages, unlimited golf packages, long stay packages, luxury golf packages and the golf courses of the region, which host different golf tournaments throughout the year, Cornelia Golf Club, Titanic Golf Club, National Golf Club, Kaya Golf Club, Nobilis Golf Club, Antalya Golf Club, Carya Golf Club, Gloria Golf Club, Sueno Golf Club and Lykia Golf Club want to change the golf holiday experience you have had so far.

Belek, which deserves to be a paradise for golfers, is also conveniently located in terms of transportation. Antalya airport is only 35 minutes away, while Antalya city center is only 45 minutes away.

Of course, Turkey, which is among the best golf destinations in Europe, is not limited to Belek. Istanbul, Kuşadası and Bodrum are among our alternative addresses where you can experience golf holiday packages.

For your golf holiday, we strongly recommend adding Turkey to your current or future destinations, because there is more to it than just a golf game; an extraordinary history, unique geographical beauties, rich cultural diversity, local delicacies, four different seasons and hospitality...

Choose from one of our diverse golf vacation packages in Turkey for your golf vacation, whether you plan to do it individually or as a group; make yourself at home in Turkey, which is known for its hospitality.



When it comes to a golf holiday in Turkey, one of the first destinations that come to mind is Belek. Belek destination has incredible golf courses based on the southern coastline. The signature of the biggest names in golf sports such as Colin Montgomerie and Nick Faldo on this destination has made Belek one of the most visited golf spots in the world in recent years.

Belek is one of the most preferred golf destinations in Europe with its first-class golf course surrounded by beautiful eucalyptus and pine forests. Beyond the extraordinary golf courses, Belek offers a variety of activities day and night. Who wouldn't want to spend a day away from golf at The Land of Legends water park or at Belek's unique beaches? Also, don't you think it's exciting to go to Antalya, the city center, which is only 40 km away, to enjoy all the bars and restaurants Belek has to offer or to get a more authentic Turkish experience in the evening?

The hotels located in our Belek destination have a variety of all-inclusive accommodation options as luxurious as the golf courses here. As a matter of fact, the hotels are located on a large area, and most of them have their own golf courses. The value that can be obtained in luxury five-star golf holidays with excellent facilities and exceptional service makes Belek even more attractive.

Belek, Turkey's famous golf destination, is also ideal for golf in terms of climate. So much so that you can plan a golf holiday here at any time of the year with peace of mind.

You don't need to look for another destination for your golf holiday in order to feel at home in Turkey, which is noted for its hospitality. Choose one of the Belek golf holiday packages now; Enjoy a caring stay while getting the ultimate golf experience.


Kemer’s destination is located in the Gulf of Antalya, on the 33-mile seafront, at the foot of the western Taurus Mountains. Until the early 1980s, this was a quiet rural area, but today's Kemer district and its coastal villages play a very important role in the tourism culture in Turkey.

A golf holiday in Turkey is full of joy and vibrant experiences with lots of things to see and do. So much so that there are some options for golf holidays in Turkey in Belek, Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Bodrum, but Kemer is a very popular destination for those who want to have a nature holiday in addition to these options.

We are sure that Kemer has a lot to offer you besides golf. You will look forward to exploring the tourist attractions in Kemer Marina, Phaselis and Çıralı Beach and also visiting Olympos Beach and Batı Public Beach and Moonlight Beach.

There are many reasons for a holiday in Kemer. You will feel the magnificent Mediterranean climate to your bones with the added benefits of high service and accommodation standards. While staying at the hotels in Kemer, you can also experience golf at the golf courses in Belek, which is about 85 km away. Kemer is an extraordinary destination where you can book with great pleasure, with its magnificent view combined with its magnificent nature, sea, and greenery. Five-star hotels and resorts dominate this attractive Turkish resort. Excellent beaches and the sea offer a wealth of water sports, while a wide variety of products await you, from shopping malls to shops selling a thousand and one small souvenirs.

If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday in Turkey, do not miss our holiday packages in Kemer, the ideal holiday destination. Choose one of our Kemer holiday packages to take home the beautiful memories of Turkey.



Turkey's Antalya province is a rising star in the golf world, largely due to its luxury resort. In recent years, inviting some of the world's best players to golf events have made the region one of the popular golf destinations. Lara, which is among the popular golf destinations of Antalya, is a must-visit spot for our guests who want to have a real golf experience.

The biggest advantage of the Lara region is its proximity to Belek, a golf paradise. Lara destination has both high-quality hotels and world-famous golf courses.

It is uniquely beautiful due to its close distance. Without a doubt, you should put the Lara region, located on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey, on your list for now or for your next golf vacation planning. This golfing paradise stands out for its proximity to many luxury hotels and magnificent golf courses. Moreover, all of them are located in close proximity to each other, which ensures that you do not lose much time in the transfer process.

It would be appropriate to say that it is impossible to find fault with the Lara destination. So much so that every element has been thought and planned for you to enjoy your stay to the maximum. With excellent service and quality of food from start to finish, dining in hotels is a pleasure. Therefore, you will enjoy your stay and golf with Lara hotels and golf courses, each of which is at the highest level!

In recent years, Lara, which has become one of the number one centers in Turkey for golfers looking for a unique holiday and the tourism sector in general, is one of the best places in Turkey that you can choose with peace of mind for your current or next golf vacation planning and you will not be disappointed. It is among the golf destinations. Choose one of our Lara golf holiday packages and do not miss a unique golf experience.


Kusadasi is a seaside resort on Turkey's western Aegean coast and offers some of the world's most incredible travel opportunities, with the ancient ruins of Ephesus and the walled Byzantine castle on Pigeon Island. Do not wait any longer to enjoy the privilege of visiting this stunning destination by staying at magnificent hotels with stunning views of the sparkling Aegean Sea and playing golf.

We look forward to welcoming you, our esteemed guests, to have an ideal holiday experience in Kusadasi hotels, stretching from the green hills to the sparkling waters of the Aegean, in a national park area in Kusadasi. We believe that Kuşadası is an ideal holiday center for you with its comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities.

Kusadasi golf courses are a paradise for all golf enthusiasts, whether amateur or professional, with its magnificent location in natural vegetation along with the magnificent view of Samos Island and the Aegean Sea. The golf courses with their extraordinarily original designs are, of course, just one of the charms these magnificent hotels have to offer. This place can be considered as an ideal destination for our guests who seek to relax rather than play a game of golf on green lawns. You can freely enjoy the SPA centers including the sauna and Turkish bath, along with many pools, small water parks, gyms, tennis courts, and many other alternative sports areas.

If you are looking for a peaceful environment that is ideal for a relaxing holiday, Kuşadası, which is among the most beautiful destinations in Turkey, will undoubtedly be the right choice for you. Kusadasi golf holiday packages are just for your dreams to use your time in the most efficient way, to experience quality accommodation, and to play golf!