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Madeira is a majestic island paradise located just off the West African coast. The region manages to increase its popularity among golfers day by day. We would like to share that it was awarded the World's Best Developing Golf Destination by the World Golf Awards (2019). In this sense, if you want to have a real golf memory, this paradise island will definitely not disappoint you.

Madeira has golf courses that must be discovered and played. Home to luxury golf hotels and resorts, the region will be the perfect destination for your current or next golf vacation to Portugal.

There are many things to do in Madeira besides the game of golf. Indeed, one cannot leave Madeira without experiencing its excellent culture, island wines, and a warm welcome from the locals. On the other hand, the capital of the region, Funchal, is a place waiting to be discovered with its interesting shops and medieval architecture along the ancient streets. The island is also full of hiking trails and geological formations; In this sense, if fresh air and adventure are what you are looking for, mountain roads await you.

Madeira, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces of Portugal, is also attractive in terms of its climate. It has a year-round temperature that is not overwhelming. Therefore, playing golf at any time here can be considered as a privilege. Winter temperatures are mild. Accordingly, it is a place that should definitely be explored when it is desired to avoid the highest temperatures.

Spend your mornings exploring the seaside or hillside towns, then go to the golf course; Doesn't it sound exciting to watch enviable landscapes while playing? Choose one of our Madeira golf holiday packages now or for your next golf vacation; Do not deprive yourself and your loved ones of experiencing this excitement and more.