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Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands. Offering everything you could need for a relaxing and luxurious golf vacation, Sicily golf vacation destinations stretch along the East coast.

Located in the west of the island, The Verdura Golf & Spa Resort is perhaps one of Sicily's most sought-after golf destinations, with expansive grounds offering the perfect scenery for a great gaming experience.

The island of Sicily is undoubtedly known for its natural beauty and wonderful climate. But while less known for golf, it is home to a plethora of top quality and must-play golf courses for every aspiring golfer. Indeed, one of them is the European Tour destination Verdura Golf Resort, which boasts stunning scenery and a wonderful layout along its impressive coastline. So much so that the reputation of the club has greatly increased after taking part in the European Tour and it is rightfully recognized as one of the best golf courses in Italy.

Sicily also has a number of great accommodation options, all excellent and located close to golf courses.

Described as a precious jewel in the Mediterranean, Sicily is widely regarded as a promising golf destination. Home to a number of magnificent Greek, Roman, and Byzantine historical sites and restaurants serving authentic cuisine, it's fair to say that Sicily has something for everyone.

Island; From nature to history, it has many rich values ​​to be discovered. It is breathtaking with its rich culture, extraordinary history, authentic cuisine, delicious wines, stunning cities like Palermo, magnificent landscapes, crystal blue waters, beautiful countryside, and volcanoes. That's why if you're a golfer who seeks luxury but also wants traditional charm, Sicily is the perfect choice for you.