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Golf in Paphos



Located on the south coast of Cyprus, Paphos can definitely be considered as the golf epicenter of Cyprus. Many of the island's best pitches are undoubtedly located here. A golf vacation in Paphos is a destination that should be on every golfer's list. It would be appropriate to say that the region is almost devoted to golf. The pitches are kept in top condition, the resorts offer an upscale setting, and the many beaches and bars offer great deals. If you're looking for last-minute winter sun, average temperatures in Cyprus rise above the double-digits in January and February, while in other months temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees.

It's not just the region's commitment to golf that makes Paphos golf so great. At the same time, there are strikingly extraordinary sites in the area. If you're on a golf vacation in Cyprus, it's essential to experience Paphos' golf courses to ensure you get the best golf possible while on the island.

All of Paphos' golf courses are worth a visit, but here are some highlights that golfers shouldn't miss. Cyprus, which is also a great option with its extraordinary nightlife, is one of our favorite destinations. Also, the atmosphere around the marina is the perfect complement to a day out on the golf course or at the beach. On the other hand, we should also mention that there are great restaurants and bars around.

Now Paphos is renowned for being an affordable beach holiday destination and is becoming more and more popular with golfers, offering four spectacular golf courses within easy reach of the center. If you want to taste more than a golf experience in this stunning destination, check out our carefully prepared Paphos golf holiday packages and choose one of them; We are absolutely confident that we have a package that fits the requirements of the ideal golf vacation you have in mind.