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Brussels; is a city rich in history, beautiful architecture, great culture, great bars, and, of course, excellent golf courses. To put it bluntly, a golf holiday in Brussels will be a great experience for your next trip with friends or family. There is so much to see and to do in this wonderful city.

What makes Brussels so incredible is not only its amazing history and culture but also the many outstanding golf courses on your doorstep, waiting to be explored for your next golf vacation.

Brussels' golf courses are some of the best and most exclusive in all of Belgium and are definitely worth experiencing. For instance, Royal Waterloo Golf Club is one of Belgium's elite golf facilities and was established in 1923; The club has a stellar reputation for the superior quality and standard of golfing in scenic and beautiful woodlands. On the other hand, Golf Club d'Hulencourt is also among the best in Brussels. The site is known for its beautiful surroundings and well-balanced design.

There are many other activities as well as excellent golf courses to be found here. The history, art, culture, and architecture are definitely worth a visit while you're in town.

Brussels is extremely well-known with golfers, tourists, and business people who frequent the city. The Belgian capital city of Brussels and the historic town of Waterloo are located just south of Bruges. It is truly a serious golf destination, with great hotels in the immediate vicinity and 15 golf courses, as well as spectacular courses such as Brussels, Waterloo and Mons, Royal Belgique, Royal Waterloo, Royal Bercuit, and La Tournette.

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