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The fact that European airlines operate low-cost flights to the Southern route can make destinations such as Morocco affordable and affordable for traveling golfers.

Developing in terms of golf culture, Morocco is now investing heavily in attracting enthusiastic golfers. Although the Marrakech destination is located at the focal point of Morocco golf destinations as a golf resort that hosts magnificent resorts and unique sites with modern architectural features for golfers in this sense, of course, it is not the only choice. Agadir, Essaouira, El Jadida are also among the alternative destinations for golf holiday packages.

Considered one of the world's best winter golf packages, Morocco is becoming a professional destination for golfers who want an all-inclusive experience all year round. A land of rich and fascinating ancient history, deserts and beaches of silky softness, an exotic blend of culture, luxury hotels and resorts, fantastic layouts surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisines. Therefore, Morocco can be considered a great destination for your golf vacation planning with a wide range of excellent golf courses and accommodation options, as well as many fascinating features. So much so that Morocco has now become a highly demanded destination for those who prefer golf tours in Spain, Portugal and Turkey. As a matter of fact, Morocco continues to work at full speed to make itself an even more perfect golf resort. Thus, it is becoming increasingly easy to see the great attraction during the golf holidays experienced in Morocco destination.

As a result, there is so much to do in Morocco that it is not enough just to play golf: a magnet city that manages to attract visitors with its bustling bazaars, ancient mosques and palaces...



It shouldn't be hard to see how Marrakech has quickly become one of the world's most popular destinations for a golf holiday, with its courses set against the magnificent Atlas Mountains and its year-round warm climate! You will have everything you need for an unforgettable golf holiday in Marrakech, which is home to magnificent hotels and wonderful golf courses.

Marrakech destination is slowly but surely becoming the most preferred golf holiday destination in North Africa in terms of golf. So much so that Marrakech golf courses are among the best found in all of Africa. Known for their superior quality, exquisite designs and immaculately beautiful lawns, many outstanding golf courses are waiting to be discovered.

While Marrakech is seen as an emerging golf destination, it offers everything any golfer could want for a golf vacation in Morocco; authentic culture, a rich history, luxury hotels, and most importantly, a number of excellent golf courses. It also makes a difference with the Royal Golf Marrakech course, which has projectors that make night golf possible for those who want to discover the wonders of the city during the daytime.

On the other hand, golfers have the opportunity to experience world-class hotels and resorts where they can find luxury accommodation while playing at the best golf courses in Marrakech. In addition to these, of course, there are many things to do in Marrakech apart from golf and accommodation. Indeed, the authentic culture and history of Marrakech offer a truly unique experience. For instance, We recommend that you do not leave Marrakech without visiting Djemaa El Fna Square, a major tourist attraction full of entertainment and local merchants. On the other hand, you can visit the ancient Saadian Tombs to completely immerse yourself in the rich Moroccan history and have an unforgettable day.



Just two hours from Marrakech, Essaouira, this Atlantic Coast region, is the perfect destination for a golf break in Morocco, with its beautiful beaches, historic towns, and great golf. Overlooking the stunning Atlantic Ocean, one of the Gary Player designs, Golf de Mogador is undoubtedly one of the best golf courses in Morocco.

If you are not on the beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, or grassy fields of Essaouira, we would like to remind you that there are many other things to see, do and explore. Essaouira is a truly charming town, with traditional colorful clothing, pottery, tapestries, and bustling local markets brimming with the unique scent of Moroccan spices filling the air. Also, if you're a fan of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, we recommend that you don't forget to take a look at the city walls, where a few key scenes were filmed.

In addition to playing golf, check out many art galleries and boutiques in Essaouira destination, which managed to be among the 20 most exciting new golf courses in the world by Golf World magazine in 2010; Relax in some of the country's best hotels and watch fishing nets being repaired and traditional boats being built in the highly atmospheric harbor. Enjoy the privilege of finding a golf course that's right for you, whatever your level, in this

El Jadida


Infused with history, the town of El Jadida combines a modern European feel with cultural Moroccan charm. Located on the beach north of Marrakech, the golf course at El Jadida's star attraction was designed by Cabell Robinson. It is located on the beach near El Jadida, on the Atlantic coast. It offers an enjoyable golfing experience, with fairways running through the hills and a steady sea breeze from the Atlantic.

If you want to explore the local area during your golf vacation, you'll find yourself just outside the historic town of El Jadida and just a short drive from lively Casablanca. Also, keep in mind that there are lots of great activities to do when you're not playing on El Jadida's outstanding golf courses. To make your dream golf vacation come true, we strongly recommend that you review our golf vacation packages now and explore this attractive golf destination in Morocco.

Filled with a rich history and beautiful architecture, El Jadida is filled with ancient buildings waiting to be discovered, including magnificent mosques. One of the most attractive places in the city is the Mosquee De La Cite Portugaise point. Some other attractions include the markets, the fishing port, and the Sidi Bouafi Lighthouse.

Do not wait any longer to accompany the sound of the waves rolling in the Atlantic and to enjoy the weather under the umbrella pines that surround the beaches. Hurry now or plan your next golf vacation in El Jadida, which has a favorable climate, and choose one of the golf vacation packages in El Jadida. Do not waste any more time playing on the exclusively designed golf courses, take advantage of the well-equipped accommodation, and explore the city from top to bottom. For your dream golf vacation, you do not have to look at other places; El Jadida is the only perfect place for playing golf.



Established as Morocco's most popular beach resort and stretching along the Atlantic coastline, Agadir has long become a popular beach holiday destination. However, thanks to the extremely enjoyable golf courses skalaso, it has now started to be considered as an excellent option for a golf holiday as well.

Agadir, along with Marrakech, is one of the two main regions of Morocco. Golf in Agadir has the advantage of being on the beach which means plenty of sandy beaches, bars, and restaurants. Whether you're looking for a budget golf vacation or a luxury all-inclusive golf vacation, Agadir can provide everything you need. It is a popular beach resort with a beautiful promenade filled with bars, cafes, and restaurants. It has managed to become one of the most popular destinations in Morocco among tourists and holidaymakers coming to the region.

There are many courses worth playing in the Agadir destination. For example, Taghazout Bay Golf Course is one of the best in Agadir. It is home to extraordinary views combined with an extraordinary design. Golf Les Dunes and Golf du Soleil are two other important golf courses you should play.

Increasingly popular with golfers, Agadir manages to offer something for everyone. It has an excellent collection of great hotels and resorts to choose from at a range of different price points.

Known for its excellent golf courses, golf and SPA centers, and virtually panoramic beaches, Agadir could be the perfect choice for your next golf vacation in Morocco. Golfers or non-golfers are sure to love Agadir with the variety of attractions on offer.

Check out our Agadir golf holiday packages that promise a perfect holiday with unlimited tours and all-inclusive options; Play at one of the magnificent golf courses a short distance from the center.