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A summary of Anatolia in the language of the Mediterranean

Belek is a rich and unique destination in a sociological aspect, in addition to being a destination of natural beauty. A significant example is the "Garden of Tolerance", established for visitors of different faiths.

The holy places of the world's predominant religions have always found hospitality in the Medirerranean region. Each year, thousands of visitors come to these holy places and depart with smiles.

Belek, where history and the natural colours of the Mediterranean blend harmoniously, is a rare tourism paradise match between flora of a hundred shades of green and blue heavens, Belek is not just a holiday maker place, but a beautiful slice of the Mediterranean. Belek, jsut 20 minutes by car from Antalya, offers a 17km-long beach where carefully designed 5-star hotels reflect the sunlight and natural beauty.

In harmony with nature, Belek's creative architectural projects enable a holistic experience of sea, sun and beach, allowing you to enjoy your holidays with a range of exciting activities.

The world's leading playground awaits all the stars.

Belek is known worldwide for its superior, speciallt designed golf courses; many of these courses were designed by world-famous figures in the field.

On most golf courses - in any part of the world - early morning until sunset play is sufficient. Not in Belek: longer, and even more enjoyable games are at hand, as Belek's golf courses light up - night and day - with solar ernergy! Belek awaits you with cooler, quiter and more elegant competitions.