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If you are looking for an All-Inclusive and 5 Star Golf holiday in Turkey, then you will not be disappointed in Belek. Belek is blessed with 14 stunning and ultra-modern golf resorts, which will provide an unforgettable 5-star holiday experience.

Belek plays host to an annual European Tour event, the Turkish Airlines Open, and the region now receives the golfing prestige it so richly deserves. The five-star resorts have been matched by some impeccable golf courses, which are all a short distance away from each other. The golf courses in Belek; The Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club, Carya Golf Club, Antalya Golf Club ( Pasha Golf Course and PGA Sultan Golf Course ), Gloria Golf Club ( Gloria Old Course, Gloria New Course and Verde Course ), Cornelia Faldo Golf Club, Sueno Golf Club ( The Pines Golf Course and The Dunes Golf Course ), Titanic Golf Club, National Golf Club, Kaya Palazzo Golf Club, Lykia Links Antalya Golf Club and Robinson Nobilis Club.
It is just not golf in Belek. So many other attractions that will exceed your expectation:

• The Land of Legends Theme Park: The Land of Legends offers incomparable experiences to all from 7 to 70 where they will discover something new: AdventurePark, Aqua Park, Restaurants & Bars, Secret Lagoon and Shopping Venue.

• Belek Public Area: It’s a nice place to relax and for shopping.

• Spa Escapes: You can pamper yourself with the unique - rich massage and treatment menus at a highly regarded Spa in each hotel.

• Detox Packages: You can experience The LifeCo detox programs just 30 minutes away from your hotel

• Jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains: If you want to feel more adventurous, you can enjoy an action-packed trip off the beaten track.


Turkey is among the most popular golf destinations in Europe because it includes excellent facilities, spectacular golf courses and exceptional services. Belek, which can be described as the capital of the golf game in Turkey, undoubtedly has the best golf courses. The superior quality of golf courses is at the heart of the golf success in Turkey.

Located in Serik district of Antalya province of Turkey and famous for its Mediterranean view, Belek region, all hotels have a five-star and all-inclusive concept. The most attractive part of Belek hotels, which dazzle with its lush nature, immaculate air, large pools, unique beaches and peaceful environment, are the huge golf courses they have. As a matter of fact, the largest of these courses is known as Gloria Golf Club, which has 45 holes and ranks first in Turkey and second in Europe. In addition, Montgomerie Maxx Royal Belek and Carya Golf Courses, which are illuminated fields that allow you to continue your golf pleasure after dark, offer you unforgettable experiences. All Inclusive accommodation packages, unlimited golf packages, long stay packages, luxury golf packages and the golf courses of the region, which host different golf tournaments throughout the year, Cornelia Golf Club, Titanic Golf Club, National Golf Club, Kaya Golf Club, Nobilis Golf Club, Antalya Golf Club, Carya Golf Club, Gloria Golf Club, Sueno Golf Club and Lykia Golf Club want to change the golf holiday experience you have had so far.

Belek, which deserves to be a paradise for golfers, is also conveniently located in terms of transportation. Antalya airport is only 35 minutes away, while Antalya city center is only 45 minutes away.

Of course, Turkey, which is among the best golf destinations in Europe, is not limited to Belek. Istanbul, Kuşadası and Bodrum are among our alternative addresses where you can experience golf holiday packages.

or your golf holiday, we strongly recommend adding Turkey to your current or future destinations, because there is more to it than just a golf game; an extraordinary history, unique geographical beauties, rich cultural diversity, local delicacies, four different seasons and hospitality...

Choose from one of our diverse golf vacation packages in Turkey for your golf vacation, whether you plan to do it individually or as a group; make yourself at home in Turkey, which is known for its hospitality.



Lara is approximately 10 miles east of the city proper. All Inclusive holidays in LARA are large on luxury. Holidays in Lara are all about the sun, sand and sea along Turkey’s maginificient Turquoise Coast. This destination is an ideal place for exploring the natural wonders and attractions of Antalya.

Lara offers you one of the most beautiful and long beaches in Antalya. Warm Mediterranean temperatures greet you for much of the year. You can stay at one of the many All-inclusive resorts in Lara, (Titanic Beach Lara, Lara Barut Hotel, Concorde De Luxe Resort) and so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. However, it is just not beach holiday in Lara. Lara is surrounded by Antalya’s incredible natural attractions, from the mountain tops to uninhabited islands.

• You can take a day trip to Antalya’s captivating old town, Kaleici and you can visit some historical sites.

• You can discover the splendid waterfalls of Duden and Kursunlu

• You can spend a day to visit Antalya Aquarium that is a must to visit in Antalya. It has one of the longest aquarium tunnels in the world with many sea species.