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Otočec is a popular travel destination for golf and also famous for its islands, castles, natural places, towers, countryside, parks, valleys, rivers, spa, mountains, bridges, water parks, farms in Slovenia.
Otočec is a quiet location so it is an ideal destination for travelers that are interested in relaxing cities as a quiet location to stay, a calm place with no distractions typical of large cities.
We recommend you to stay at Hotel Grad Otočec ao you can enjoy a game of golf at one of the longest and the most charming golf courses in Slovenia, just a few minutes away from Otočec Castle. Otočec Castle Golf Course is 18 holes and this splendid golf course was designed by British architect Howard Swan.


It is possible to consider Slovenia as one of the undiscovered gems of golf. We can say that Slovenia has become increasingly popular in the golf world in recent years. So much, that it received the “undiscovered golf destination of the year” award from the IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) in 2015. Austria is making significant investments in the development of Slovenia golf, a small country of only 2 million people, located in the green heart of Europe between Italy, Hungary and Croatia. In this sense, it is possible to say that the golf culture in Slovenia has grown significantly in recent years.. Now we can see more than ten golf courses, all set up in a unique natural environment.

Slovenia's golf courses are now among the most beautiful in Europe. So much so that Slovenia manages to attract golfers with its well-equipped fields, great culture, magnificent historical places and unique views. This makes Slovenia an increasingly popular golf destination among golfers in Europe.

Situated on the edge of the Pannonian Plain, between vineyards and rolling hills, beneath the Alpine peaks and in the pastoral karst landscape, Slovenia is definitely one of the destinations a golfer should explore.

In Slovenia, which is among the destinations we can recommend for those who want to have a truly enjoyable golf experience, not only enjoy golf, but also get lost in its untouched natural beauties. Discover a variety of hotels and resorts, all nestled in beautiful surroundings and offering comfortable accommodation. Also, enjoy the privilege of easy access to golf clubs due to the short distances within the area.

So don't waste any more time buying one of our golf holiday packages in the regions of Otocec and Bled in Slovenia.



Bled is known for the Lake Bled, which makes it a major tourist attraction. Delightfully, the city is also known in Slovenia for its vanilla and cream pastry.

We have some resort options for you in Bled like Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park, and Rikli Balance Hotel. All are just a few km away from the oldest and largest golf course in Slovenia, The Royal Bled Golf Course. The facility includes the 18 holes King’s Course and the 9 hole Lake Course. In addition to the two courses, the Royal Bled Golf Course also comprises a large practice area covered with natural grass, a Golf Academy.